Helping Rescue Children From Abuse

The Innocent Justice Foundation leverages high technology solutions to help rescue millions of American children who are being sexually abused and prevent future abuse.  We work to:

  1. enable the investigation and prosecution of every child pornography offense in America by taking requests for help from overwhelmed law enforcement agencies, and
  2. help the public understand the true nature and scope of child pornography crimes and victims in the U.S.

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Torture Victims Need Your Support

Today is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. It was started by the United Nations as a way of bringing the world’s attention to the plight of individuals subject to torture in countries around the world, abused for their political beliefs, religious affiliation, ethnicity, gender – any one of myriad reasons. The Innocent Justice Foundation would also like to use this day to bring attention to the plight of thousands of children right here in the United States whose torture, rape and sexually abuse are being photographed and shared with others via the Internet.... Details >


Iron Fist Brewing Co. Fundraising Event Press Release

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Count Your Blessings and Watch them Multiply

Here in the United States, we’re consumed by our love of money and status. We think bigger is better, and if we can just get that promotion, all will be well with our souls. There’s one fatal flaw to this mindset: it’s all smoke and mirrors. Once we reach our goal, we immediately feel compelled to set a higher goal. We’re left in a vacuum of unfulfillment. Maybe getting more isn’t the answer to life. Maybe it’s giving.... Details >

Badger State Builds ICAC Team

The Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force recently added two new members – the City of Hayward Police Department and the Spring Valley Police Department. The additions bring Wisconsin ICAC close to 200 members.... Details >