British Child Pornography Ringleader Sentenced to Indefinite Jail Time

Christopher Stubbings, 55, of Staffordshire, England, was the treasurer of a highly encryped newsgroup set up to share child pornography which was infiltrated by Australian police. He was recently sentenced to life in prison on counts of arranging or facilitating child pornography, arranging or facilitating child sex offences, and possessing, making and distributing child pornography.  According to the Express and Star, Justice Julia Macur spoke of the images as, “deplorable and depraved. These children, all of them abused, all of them debased and all of them humiliated.

“I was obliged to view a sample of the images you and your fellow cell members regard to be normal. The images turned my stomach.”

She told Stubbings: “You do not have any remorse. The risk to children in the future is very high indeed.” Even Stubbings’ defense attorney agreed.

Police found 159,000 images and 1,446 pornographic films involving young children, and one high-level officer said he had never seen so many pictures of child rape and torture films in his career.

The international investigation led to the rescue of eight children.

Nov, 30, 2008