Former Sgt. Paul Gillespie Speaks Out: Internet A Haven For Pedophiles

Former Toronto Sgt. Paul Gillespie, according to the National Post, told 350 people at the Champions for Children and Youth Summit in Vancouver that even people in helping professions tend to think Internet pedophiles and their victims are mostly located in distant Third World countries. “In my time on the police, 90 per cent of the pictures I saw were generated in western nations — the U.S., Canada, West Germany. These are your neighbours, typically a white man left in a position of trust with a child,” he said.

Among the many “soul-destroying” images were a girl in a diaper whose photo has been shared among pedophiles an estimated 800,000 times, yet no investigator has ever identified or rescued her.  According to Gillespie, millions of pornographic images of children are shared online every day, yet fewer than 1,000 kids have been rescued.

Oct, 23, 2008