“Free-Babysitting” Child Molesters Caught Producing Child Pornography

“Free-Babysitting” Child Molesters Caught Producing Child Pornography

In New Britain, Connecticut, investigators are reeling under 3 terabytes of data – the equivalent of 42 laptops – of data containing images of two child molesters raping children as young as three-months old.  The duo, Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling, offered free babysitting services to mothers in need, and took advantage of unrestricted access to the children to rape and videotape the abuse.  They had nearly a dozen victims that have been found in the videotapes so far.

According to huliq.com, “This would be the type of case that New Britain officers will remember for the rest of their lives,” said State Police Sgt. James Smith, who is in charge of the state police computer crime unit. “If I were to rate these two individuals, they would be up there in terms of one of the biggest cases of this kind in the state.”

New Britain youth officers and state Department of Children and Families officials have said sexual assaults are commonly perpetrated by someone the victim knows and the family trusts. In the past nine years, there have been no reports of child sexual assaults by strangers, police have said.

Oct, 24, 2008