Grad Student with Bestiality Child Sexual Abuse Images Arrested

Gilbert Kirton, a University of Rochester graduate student, was arrested Thursday on charges that he had at least 10,000 child pornography images on a hard drive he had thrown into a dumpster, but which was recovered by campus police.  According to, “State Police say they found on Kirton’s computer some of the most disturbing images of child pornography, molestation and bestiality they’d ever seen.”

 Kirton’s professor is being investigated on allegations that he informed Kirton of the investigation, giving Kirton time to destroy most of the evidence of his crimes, according to the Campus Times:  “Dr. Tom Hahn told me I was being investigated for inappropriate computer use by Dan Lafferty of UR Security,” Kirton said in a deposition three Sundays ago.

Oct, 22, 2008