Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

The Internet Crimes Against Children task force in Ohio has arrest 41 individuals on child pornography charges. The operation, dubbed Operation Safety Net, used peer-to-peer network software tracking to hunt these predators down.  According to, it’s the same method used to take down Roy Pompa, who was drugging children and raping them.

Pompa had been sexually assulting seven unconscious young girls, taking photos of the rapes, and uploading them to the Internet. He was the “largest disseminator of online child pornography in the nation during the month of November 2006.” Unfortunately, those photos can never be taken back, and will circulate in the Internet the entire lifetimes of those girls and well after their deaths.

 Of the 41 caught most recently, 29 were adults, 12 were juveniles, 2 were women, and one was a girl. Prosecutor Bill Mason says, “finding sexual predators who target children is like “shooting fish in a barrel” in an age when the Internet allows offenders to commit their crimes anonymously.

“These guys and ladies are out there downloading this stuff and getting to our children,” Mason said. “The sad lesson here is that there are thousands of them. When we catch one, there is one right behind him. But it takes so much effort to catch the one.”

Nov, 16, 2008