Pedophile Hurts Children From Beyond The Grave

Pedophile Hurts Children From Beyond The Grave

“This is how I see it. When I capture their image – I capture a piece of time that not even there own mommy’s will have. They stay young forever, just for us pedos . . . The vid cam makes them our eternal slaves. They becum our property to do whatever we want too.” – written in a chat message by Darren Philpott/canuckboylover

These are the words of pure evil, the pure evil that characterizes hundreds of thousands of child predators in the US and Canada. According to the Regina Leader-Post, this particular pedophile, a Big Brother, youth mentor, minister and coach, had abused an unknown number of local children and possessed over 3 million child sexual assault images when he was caught in Saskatchewan last year.

Philpott, 38, hung himself in jail while awaiting trial, but the nightmare has not ended for the families of the children he betrayed and sexually abused.

For one mother whose son was sexually assaulted by Philpott just over a year ago, the horror she has experienced did not end with Philpott’s death.

“I’m glad he’s dead, but I also don’t think he suffered enough,” she said. “He’s just ruined so many kids’ and families’ lives. It doesn’t just destroy a child, it destroys a whole family.”

A video of her seven-year-old boy has already been found during a child pornography investigation in California, and she’s received strange phone calls from men in the United States.

Another victim is still struggling with being molested by his former mentor and friend, and the boy is deeply angry in the betrayal of someone he trusted.

“Darren Philpott hung himself, but there’s millions of Darren Philpotts in our world still. There’s tons,” his mother said. “Darren’s just one of many.”

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Dec, 01, 2008