You Gotta Love Louisiana

You Gotta Love Louisiana

Louisiana law enforcement swept up 17 child pornography traders last week in just the first phase of operations to put child molesters in jail. The images they seized were “some of the sickest things I’ve seen,” said the head of the state police in the Shreveport Times. Several children were rescued out of the homes of these abusers.

Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a warning to others who are generating and swapping child pornography on the Internet, “If you intend to harm a child, if you intend to molest a child, if you intend to contact a child by the Internet, you’d better stay out of Louisiana.”

 Conviction on child pornography possession charges in Louisiana triggers a mandatory sentencing law of at least 2 years of hard labor (maximum 10 years hard labor per charge) with no chance of early release through probation or parole. Chemical castration is mandatory on a second offense, and Louisiana has the death penalty for multiple convictions of child molestation.

Now if we could just get California to toughen its felony child pornography possession law and drop child pornography possession as a misdemeanor off the books…

Nov, 10, 2008