Your Unsecured Wireless Could be Used to Access Child Pornography

An article by Valerie Kalfrin in the News & Advance (Florida) highlights the danger of leaving your wireless access unsecured.

People looking to steal wireless access for a variety of reasons, including committing crimes like uploading and downloading child pornography, cruise neighborhoods looking for unsecured networks. When they find one, they mark the sidewalk or street in front of the house with  white paint, and sometimes give the location away on the Internet. “There are sites you can go to that literally provide you with maps where you can get on the Internet,” says Paul Henry, a computer forensics specialist in Ocala, FL. If yours is used, you may receivecompany you’d never expect. “If the FBI is investigating child pornography, guess whose door they’re going to knock on?”

Stealing wireless access is a crime punishable up to 5 years in prison in Florida.

Nov, 14, 2008