Santa Cruz Request Funded

Santa Cruz Request Funded

The Nicholson Family Foundation and the Santa Cruz Memorial have donated close to $2,000 to help rescue Santa Cruz children from child predators and prevent future child abuse.  The funds will go to purchase software to be used by the Santa Cruz Police Department to actively track down predators who would harm local children.

Santa Cruz PD was in need of new WebCase software, which allows undercover chat logs to be recorded for evidence, but didn’t have department funds to cover the purchase for three of its investigators.  It turned to the Innocent Justice Foundation, a nationwide police foundation located in San Diego County, to help raise the funds from local donors.

We were ecstatic to find donors in this economy who were ready to invest in the current and future safety of local children.  The Nicholson Family Foundation and the Santa Cruz Memorial have stepped up to the plate to make sure Santa Cruz children are protected and police can make local neighborhoods safe again, said Heather Steele, CEO of the Innocent Justice Foundation.

A Center for Disease Control study shows that 21% of American children are sexually abused. Fortunately, law enforcement teams can track down predators and rescue local children, if they have the equipment they need. When budgets are cut, Innocent Justice steps in to try to bridge the gap with funding from the local community.  Please help a team in need.

Jun, 16, 2009