Massachusetts Swim Coach Admits Viewing Images of Young Girls in Mississippi Being Sexually Abused

Timothy Kelly, 38, a swim coach in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, admitted to downloading and viewing over 200 videos of young girls around the age of 10 being sexually abused, some of them who were allegedly and admittedly drugged and abused by a child predator in Mississippi, with whom Kelly had direct contact. According to the Sun Chronicle, Kelly, was aquatics director at the Attleboro YMCA, was an employee at the Bearcroft Swim Club in Attleboro and was the coach of the North Attleboro High School swim team. He has been fired from the high school, and is on leave with the YMCA while out on a $75,000 cash bond.

The Sun Chronicle says Mitchell MacDonald, a guiding member of the swim team, was shocked and saddened to hear about the arrest. “If what we’ve seen and heard is true and accurate, then Tim has issues and problems he needs to work through,” MacDonald said. “I bear him no ill and I hope he is able to get the help he needs.”

What about the girls in Mississippi who were violated not only by their local child molester, but also by Kelly when he downloaded the images of crimes being committed against them and achieved sexual release by viewing their betrayal and abuse?  What about the help they need?

There is no cure for pedophilia, but those abused pre-pubescent girls only have a fighting chance at recovering from this horrible violation if we can get to them and rescue them from their nightmares.

Jun, 25, 2009