CA Man Reports Burglary (of His Own Child Pornography Collection)!

According to authorities, a 19-year old and a juvenile accomplice broke in to Kraig Stockard’s barn in Dehli, CA, stealing 50 blank CD-R’s, but when they got home and tried to burn music to what they thought were blank discs, they discovered that 30 of them contained child pornography.  Family members urged the two to report the discs to police, which they did.  Ironically, a few days later Stockard reported the theft to the police.

“I’m kind of surprised that he wanted to draw  attention to himself, knowing what was taken,” reported Deputy Tom McKenzie of the Merced  County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators served a search warrant on Stockard’s  property and found three desktop computers and three laptops; authorities believe Stockard has been downloading  child sexual abuse images and movies since 2004.

Stockard was arrested for possession of child pornography, and the two people who found and reported the child pornography were not arrested for burglary.

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