Iowa Elementary School Principal Gets 30 Years For Secretly Videotaping Boys Bathroom!

According to authorities, Robert Burke, a former elementary-school principal at Sageville Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison and after admitting he secretly set up a video camera in the boys’ bathroom in his school to produce child pornography.  He was also ordered to pay a fine of $25,000 and will serve 20 years of probation upon release from prison.

Court documents showed that authorities were able to identify 59 boys who were video taped while standing at a urinal in the public bathroom at the elementary school; numerous other victims could not be identified.

An undercover child pornography investigation conducted by the FBI traced authorities to Burke’s home computer, which led to a raid of his home where agents found 32,000 images and over 12,000 videos of child sexual abuse of prepubescent boys Burke had downlaoded from the

“As an elementary school principal, Burke was in a position of trust and authority over his students,” US Attorney Stephanie Rose said in a statement. “He took advantage of that trust, and he used his position of authority to exploit the children he was supposed to