Mexican Activist Takes On Facebook’s Sexual Predators

Mexican journalist, author and activist Lydia Cacho is taking on social media giant Facebook, saying that the company allows sexual predators to operate freely on their site.  She recently told media that many images of child pornography can be found on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Cacho explained that when Facebook finds a page containing images of child pornography it closes the account. The problem with that is that colsing the account deletes all the digital evidence that would aid law enforcement to prosecute the offender, and very often the person simply opens another account later that day.

Cacho is asking that before closing any accounts with child pornography, Facebook’s leaders should contact law enforecment so that investigators can get the IP address and track down the identity of sexual predators. “They have a lot of power, and they should also use it help children,” Cacho told El Mensajero.

Cacho isn’t alone, however, in taking on child pornography in social meadia.  A  bipartisan bill to be introduce later this month by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) intends to tackle the subject.  The bill would require Internet service providers to keep computer records and identification information of users for two years, so that federal law enforcement agencies can use the information in their child-pornography investigations.