Miami Child Pornography Raid Leads To Disturbing Discovery

Miami-Dade detectives made a disturbing discovery while conducting a child pornography raid at the home of  Randy Jerome Pozdol – several videos of a man who appeared to be Pozdol, sexually assaulting  an unidentified woman and her two young children — all of whom were unconscious and apparently drugged.

Following a long investigation, police identified the victims, including the 43-year old woman from Dania Beach, who was also Pozdol’s mistress, and discovered something more startling – the woman died in 2006 of what was, at the time, ruled an  accidental drug overdose.

Pozdol, 66, is now awaiting trial on sexual battery and child  pornography charges, while Broward sheriff’s deputies are reexamining the  woman’s death to determine whether Pozdol might have given her a fatal dose of  drugs.

According to authorities, the videos were set in Pozdol’s mistress’ apartment and one of her children later identified himself on the  video.

“He also remembered four occasions where he woke up missing his shirt, and  also remembered an occasion where he woke up and saw a light from a video  camera, heard a beep consistent with a video camera belonging to the suspect,” the warrant stated. “He also remembered four occasions where he woke up with the  suspect standing next to him.”

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