Infinadyne Vindex

Infinadyne Vindex

September, 2010

Infinadyne has donated a copy of Vindex ($199) to Innocent Justice which has given it to New Britain Police Department for testing.

Vindex, recently released by InfinaDyne, makes it possible to evaluate video files in a fraction of the time it would take to play and watch a video.

It is a Video Indexer and plays videos at the highest possible frame rate (up to 60 times the normal playing speed) and captures significant changes in the frame considering these to be scene changes . The result is a display on the screen of a relatively small number of frame thumbnails showing you the significant action in the video without having to sit through the entire video yourself. It is quite a bit different than simply playing the video at high speed because that involves simply skipping frames and presenting the frames that are played at about 1/30th of a second each.  It’s easy to miss something that way. Vindex doesn’t miss things.  It processes any video file playable by Windows, including surveillance video and produces reports containing all captured frames.

We’ll update with a report from NBPD when we get one.