Law Enforcement Requests

Raising private funds to supplement nearly non-existent government funding in the area of internet crimes against children is imperative to keeping our children safe. With budget cuts that slash law enforcement budgets, our front line teams need the public’s assistance to get the basic hardware, software and training they need to track down hundreds of thousands of predators and rescue millions of American children today.  We offer free grant-writing services to any law enforcement agency nationwide conducting child pornography investigations, but we can’t do it without your help.  Please consider donating to support our free services to law enforcement today.



Most people think child pornography is:

  • Baby-in-the-bathtub photos,
  • Produced in Russia or Thailand,
  • Not necessarily connected to molesting children.

We set the story straight about how:

  • 99% of child pornography collections seized contain images that show rape or torture of children,
  • America is the #1 producer of child pornography on the planet,
  • There is an overwhelming correlation between viewing sexual assault images and hands-on molesting.

What Every Adult Should Know

Legislative Change

Local, state and federal government often slash law enforcement budgets, leaving investigators on the frontlines drowning and overwhelmed. In five states, including California, child pornography possession is still a misdemeanor. Most states don’t require any professional, librarian or computer technician to report child sexual assault images when found.

We aim to change that.

Law Enforcement Support

Law enforcement professionals often feel isolated and suffer greatly when exposed daily to thousands or millions of images of children being brutally sexually assaulted. We offer mental and emotional support to help officers feel recognized, reinforced, and sustained in their difficult and self-sacrificing work.

SHIFT: Supporting Heroes in mental health Foundational Training

Innocent Justice is the recipient of an OJJDP Training and Technical Assistance grant award for a project entitled SHIFT:  Supporting Heroes In Foundational mental health Training to serve Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force agents and other professionals exposed to child pornography. The entire program is designed to educate exposed individuals how to prevent trauma, educate mental health professionals how to better serve exposed individuals, conduct best practices and vicarious trauma research and develop agency guidelines to mitigate negative effects of exposure to child sexual abuse images.

Equipment Donations

Companies who are upgrading their IT can donate used equipment that we will distribute to Internet Crimes Against Children task forces and their affiliates to be used in the fight against child molesters.  If you know of a company that could donate PC or Apple desktops or laptops (Windows XP or newer), storage devices, servers, racks, routers, switches, battery backups, or other items, please contact us at 760.585.8873.

Equipment Requests