The Credit Card that Takes Child Predators off the Streets

The Credit Card that Takes Child Predators off the Streets

The Innocent Justice Capital One Credit Card:   1% of Your Purchases Help Rescue American Children

For every purchase you make, Innocent Justice will receive 1% to devote to its Material Support Program, which gets desperately-needed equipment to law enforcement agencies who need it nationwide so they can make our neighborhoods safe again.

At last, an Anti-Child Molester credit card!!

Want to know more?

What is Innocent Justice?

Innocent Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that acts as a nationwide “police foundation” to help raise money to cover law enforcement agency budget gaps in the area of internet crimes against children.

Why does Innocent Justice exist?  Doesn’t my tax money pay for my police?

Nationwide, law enforcement budgets have been cut to a point where public safety is past being at risk.  In at least 15 cities nationwide, police foundations step in to bridge the gap between basic law enforcement needs and existing local government budgets with private funding.  The San Diego Police Foundation, for example, has raised over $3.6 million for vital San Diego Police Department needs and force multipliers.  According to Charity Navigator, the Los Angeles Police Foundation is compelled to raise over $1 million per year in private funding to cover local government budget shortfalls for the Los Angeles Police Department alone.  We cannot be located in every region, but over 26 law enforcement agencies have requested that we act as their partner to reach out to private funders to provide the tools they need to rescue local children from unbelievable abuse.  (for current requests please click here )

How much money have you raised so far?

Since 2007 the Innocent Justice Foundation has successfully raised private funding for over $100,000-worth of equipment needs of ICAC taskforces nationwide.

Where will my 1% go?

The 1% will go to our Material Support program which will allocate the funds by team based on date of request.

Can I allocate which team will get my 1%?

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws and constrictions, we cannot trace your exact donation amount back to you. Please rest assured that your 1% will be used to help rescue American children throughout the US.  If you would like to give to a specific team, please donate directly through our website to that team.

How do I sign up?

This link will take you directly to the Innocent Justice card page on the Capital One website.