Equipment Donations

Equipment Donations

There are 59 Internet Crimes Against Children task forces made up of state, local, and federal law enforcement units geographically distributed throughout the US with 2000 affiliates who sometimes lack even the most basic equipment and have an ever-changing, variety of desperate equipment needs.

Local law enforcement teams can form fully-functional satellite units when equipment can be found.  Because of lack of equipment, many law enforcement agencies are currently waiting to start operations while thousands of children suffer unspeakable abuse:

The ICAC’s and affiliate teams are in desperate need of items no older than 3 years old with the minimum requirements in the following categories:

• Storage, computer memory & hard drives,
• Laptops – (both Mac and PC) – Windows XP or newer,
• Desktop computers (both Mac and PC) – Windows XP or newer,
• Flat screen monitors,
• Rack servers (especially portable),
• Racks that can hold rack servers,
• Routers and switches routers (especially 48-port hubs),
• Battery backups (rack mountable are best),
• Multi-card readers,
• Digital printers,
• Computer trouble shooting tools and equipment.

Any other items you might have that might be helpful for building networks and systems would be greatly appreciated. Please email us at or call 760.585.8873.