American Girl Seeks Restitution for Continuing Trauma through Child Pornography

June 19, 2009
Because the United States is the #1 producer of child sexual assault images in the world, American children make up the main victims of child pornography.  As these images are traded and used by pedophiles to achieve sexual gratification, the human beings depicted being raped and tortured suffer for an entire lifetime.  Finally, they have a means to start to gain back power taken from them by seeking restitution from those who use the images to achieve sexual release, and who happily share and trade images of victim’s degradation, humiliation, pain and torture.

One very courageous young woman sent to five trials in Fresno recently, speaking of the harm caused to her by those who would trade in her agony. They are being entertained by my pain and my shame, she told federal judges Monday in three different Fresno courtrooms. It feels like I am being raped by each and every one of them,” reports the Fresno Bee. They don’t know me, but they’ve seen every part of my body, the woman said in court.  They are trading my trauma around like treats at a party.

In every case, one judge said, these are real human beings.