Fresno Regional Foundation Comes Through AGAIN!

The Fresno Regional Foundation, in recognition of the great need of law enforcement in the Fresno Region, has generously donated $9,600 for the needs of the California State Parole Sex Offender Unit in Fresno this Summer 2010. Although tasked to check registered sex offender computers for child sexual abuse and torture images, parole officers are not provided the equipment needed to perform their duties.  The Fresno Regional Foundation has made it possible for three officers to have the tools they need to do their jobs and keep Fresno communities safe.

We’d like to extend an extra special thank you to the Fresno Regional Foundation for their second considerable donation to area law enforcement to reduce child sexual abuse in the Fresno region and help take child molesters out of the community.  With their help, law enforcement agents are working together in Fresno to become powerful adversaries to the overwhelming number of child sex predators hidden in plain view throughout all our communities.