Ft. Walton Beach Request Answered in Big Way!!

When Ft. Walton Beach’s request was only partially fulfilled, and their need for a cell phone forensic device was still critical, the people at Teel Technology stepped in to make their request happen.  Teel Technologies has provided TIJF with a SecureView Data Pilot Cell Phone Forensic Tool at a significant discount which then went to the Ft. Walton Beach Police Department.  Now investigators in Ft. Walton Beach, FL will have the tool they need to help rescue children from abuse and arrest child sex predators by analyzing crucial evidence locked in offender cell phones.  Cell phones are used more and more to commit sex crimes against children, and predators often trade images of child sex abuse and torture using cell phones.  With this new tool, more local children in Okaloosa County will have the chance of escaping a nightmare of abuse.

Thank you, Teel Technologies for your commitment to helping law enforcement take child molesters off the streets!