Joe Busam Foundation Steps Up for TIJF Support of Upper Arlington, Ohio Police

The Joe Busam Foundation has generously donated $1,373 to TIJF  to donate on to the Upper Arlington Police Department for their work in rescuing children from sexual abuse and taking child molesters off the streets.  The funds will go to the purchase of a forensic duplication device which allows forensic lab analysts to quickly make a copy of a seized hard drive which then can be analyzed on a forensic super computer.  The addition of this device will significantly speed the process of reviewing evidence that may contain images of local children being sexually abused, helping the team get to those children as quickly as is possible.

Joe Busam’s story was one of an innocent subjected to great tragedy and betrayal at the hands of trusted adults (read Joe’s story as published by U.S. News & World Report).  His legacy is to help prevent similar suffering of Ohio children at the hands of pedophiles.  We thank the Joe Busam Foundation for the work to help prevent the sexual abuse of our children, and would like to honor the memory Joe with our gratitude.