New Britain, CT Police Department Gets a Helping Hand

New Britain Police Department has been working Internet Crimes Against Children for over ten years.  Despite the fact that they had built up a formidable arsenal of forensic tools over the years by creatively seeking out funding, the team was in desperate need of cell phone forensic device upgrades with no funding source in site.  That’s when the Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. (for children and women at risk) and the J. Walton Bissell Foundation, Inc.  came forward to offer $2,500 each to Innocent Justice that it turned and gave towards the vital upgrades of the cell phone equipment.  Without those upgrades, the team was having difficulty working on newer phones.  Without those upgrades, their cell phone equipment could have quickly become obsolete.  Without these generous donations, local children who could be rescued from predators might not have been.  Thank you to both J. Walton Bissell Foundation and Michael Bolton Charities!

For more information please read the article in the New Britain Herald.