Child Pornography Investigation Leads to Child Victim

Child Pornography Investigation Leads to Child Victim

Lonnie Wayne Moore Sr., 45, of Parkersburg, West Virginia, was arrested after a family member reported finding child pornography on his home computer. According to the Petersburg News and Sentinel, “Moore’s job as a computer technician for local schools had him spending a great deal of time in most of the area’s schools.”

Since there is nearly a 1-to-1 correlation between viewing child pornography and committing sex crimes against children, it is no surprise that once investigators seized several of Moore’s computers, they found evidence that he had produced child pornography himself.  “”We got into the computers and found a lot of child pornography. Some of it had been downloaded off of the Internet and some of it was self-made.”

Detective Holliday of the Parkersburg Police Department said, “During the investigation we found photographs of him and a family member. Right now we only know of one local victim, but there may be others.”

Even in a small, bucolic town like Parkersburg, West Virginia, this is the third child pornography case in recent weeks.  According to Holliday, “It’s obvious that this kind of thing can happen around here.”

Sep, 10, 2008