AOL Sponsors Innocent Justice

AOL Sponsors Innocent Justice

America Online has sponsored the work of the Innocent Justice Foundation to help rescue children from unspeakable abuse by supporting law enforcement agencies investigating child sexual abuse image crimes throughout North America.  “America Online is a strong and vital contributor to the safety of children,” says Innocent Justice Founder and CEO, Heather Steele.  “We applaud their efforts to create safe environments for children online and in our neighborhoods.  This generous donation by AOL will allow Innocent Justice to move operations to rescue children to the next level, and we are grateful for the opportunity to better serve the law enforcement heroes on our front lines.”  If you would like to contribute to significantly reducing child sexual abuse in the US today, please donate to Innocent Justice, or help one of the law enforcement teams struggling to get to local sexually abused children with limited resources.

Sep, 11, 2009