Child Pornography Offender Fondled Himself in Public Library

Child Pornography Offender Fondled Himself in Public Library

In an occurence that is becoming all too common, Johnney Lamar Keen, 59, fondled himself in a Lakeland, Florida library.  Subsequently, a search of his home computer yielded images of child sexual abuse.  He has been charged with child pornography possession and breach of the peace/disorderly conduct according to the Lakeland Ledger.  His bail has been set at $400,000.

Child sex abusers have been using public libraries more and more frequently to access child pornography and to achieve sexual release, sometimes clearly and plainly in front of children and other members of the public.

Can someone explain to us why some employees of libraries who have reported this illegal behavior have been fired, why many librarians are not turning computers used to access images of American children being sexually assaulted willingly over to police and why our libraries have become a safe haven for child molesters?

Aug, 16, 2009