YMCA Child Care Worker Rapes Children in His Charge and Records the Abuse

YMCA Child Care Worker Rapes Children in His Charge and Records the Abuse

A Corning, New York YMCA Child Watch Center worker was arrested after police discovered he had been assaulting children as young as 2-years-old in his care and recording the crimes.  Because he is under the age of 19 and therefore eligible for youthful offender status, he has not been identified to the public.  According to the Star-Gazette, The New York State Police Computer Crimes Unit of the Western Region, based in Canandaigua, was conducting an undercover child pornography investigation when troopers discovered the images.

Many people will wonder how screening by employers can be improved.  However, as long as law enforcement only has the resources to arrest less than 1% of the known child predators identified in the US, 99 child molesters will go undiscovered for every one that is caught and registered.

No American child is or ever will be safe, no matter what race, religion, or social status, from the vast numbers of child molesters – husbands, fathers, grandfathers, babysitters, teachers, coaches, clergy, pediatricians, child psychologists, bus drivers and more – who rape children with impunity in the US until we start equipping our frontline law enforcement heroes with the basic equipment and training they need to get a basic foothold on these crimes.

Aug, 07, 2009