Must More Children Die in Order for This to Stop?

Must More Children Die in Order for This to Stop?

As Chelsea King is remembered as a beloved daughter of the San Diego community, her grieving and devastated parents have vowed to fight to tighten sex offender laws in the state.  Their tortured promises echo so many who have gone before them – Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law.  But how many children must die before we decide that child molestation is unacceptable to us?

We have the tools and the means to stop this now.  Child molesters belong in jail after a first offense against a child for the rest of their lives.  Treatment, even according to treatment professionals, does not work.  Child pornography investigations, which track child sex offenders on the Internet, do work.

Quite simply, we need to increase first-time offense jail sentences to life in prison, and we need to fund our Internet Crimes Against Children task forces in their mission of taking dangerous child sex predators off the streets.

We can catch many of these offenders before they rape, maim, and/or kill again.  What are we watiting for?

Mar, 06, 2010