SHIFT Training Attendee Wins Free InfaDyne!

SHIFT Training Attendee Wins Free InfaDyne!

Michelle Vojir (pictured left), with the Auburn (WA) Police Department, was the lucky winner of a FREE CD/DVD Inspector by InfinaDyne at our Washington State SHIFT Training  on Thursday, February 10, 2011!

The InfinaDyne CD/DVD Inspector is professional software for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CDs & DVDs tailored for professionals in data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement. Additionally, the winner received a free book entitled, “CD and DVD Forensics” by Paul Crowley.

The Washington State SHIFT Training, team taught by Sgt. Chuck Arnold, Commander of the San Diego ICAC, and Dr. B. Anne Balboni, Director of the Rhode Island Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Inc.,  offered professionals who are exposed to child sexual abuse and torture images and who may interact often with child sex offenders (e.g., law enforcement officers, forensic analysts, prosecutors, etc.), the opportunity to learn about the causes and symptoms of the negative effects that may occur as a result of their duties and ways to mitigate them.

Mental health professionals learned about the challenges faced by professionals exposed to child pornography and other operations involving child sex offenders.  

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Feb, 14, 2011