Thank You Social Media Fans!

Thank You Social Media Fans!

Thank you to all of our Innocent Justice social media friends!  We’ve just passed (or nearing) a few milestones:
  •  206 Facebook Fans
  •  6 shy of 500 Twitter Followers
  • 102 members of our LinkedIn Group!

Beginning to build our following is just the first step. 

We hope you can join in and create more discussions for us on any of these media you may use.  Raising awareness of the increasing prolifieration and true nature of child sexual abuse and torture images is central to our mission.  With increased awareness we believe we begin to affect real change.  Positive legislative change is beginning to happen in some parts of the country. Let’s keep the momentum spreading!

We welcome all of your continued support in helping to use your social media networks to keep the conversations going!

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Feb, 07, 2011