Utah’s Largest Child Pornography Bust In State’s History

Utah’s Largest Child Pornography Bust In State’s History

According to the Utah Attorney General’s Office, authorities have just completed the largest child pornography bust in that state’s history.  Operation FrostyLime Squeeze, led by the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force which coordinated participation from over 37 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, the investigation resulted in nearly 40 arrests and a staggering amount of child sexual abuse images.

“What Operation FrostyLime Squeeze seized in terms of volume and depravity is simply mind-blowing,” says Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.  “If a stack of documents was made with each child pornography image seized, the stack would be 1,909 miles high or the height of 347 Mount Everests.”

According to authorities, below is the operation by the numbers:

  • 39 individuals arrested, 31 additional investigation and 114 people notified they are under investigation.
  • 52 home and 39 computer search warrants executed.
  • 124 computers, 118 external hard drives, 31 cell phones, 5 Xbox game consoles and more than 1,000 CDs/DVDs seized.

“If a person spent eight hours a day, in chunks of 15 seconds downloading and viewing each image seized during this operation, the person would be viewing child pornography non-stop for 55 years,” says Ken Wallentine, Director of Law Enforcement for the Attorney General’s Office. “We could probably add a few more years for all of the images found on cell phones and Xboxes.”