Let us all congratulate the survivors of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse, the law enforcement who investigated the case, and the prosecutors who took Sandusky down. Let us savor the sweet victory of actually taking a predator off the street, and respect the fair treatment of Penn State  by the NCAA for allowing the abuse to continue for as long as they did.

But let us also take a moment to think of all the universities, schools, religious and secular organizations, and families where turning away from blatant and horrific abuse is “business as usual.”  There are doubtless thousands of American institutions and families who let pedophiles have free reign in the name of “protecting reputations.”

Let us all, no matter what our socio-economic status, geographic location, religious or secular affiliations, or family ties, commit to believing victims, reporting abuse, contacting police, allowing thorough investigations to take place and supporting the prosecution of perpetrators.

We here at Innocent Justice commit to a world where every child has the right to grow up without abuse.  Won’t you join us?

Jul, 22, 2012