Finally, today, a major national news outlet covered the topic of child sexual abuse and torture images  (what others call child pornography).  After seven years of working in this field, and trying to get someone, anyone, at the national level to cover this life-saving topic, finally someone did.  For fifteen minutes, as I drove in my car, I heard Robin Young of NPR’s Here and Now and Jenifer McKim of the Boston Globe talk about Jenifer’s article about federal agents pursuing child pornography offenders.  Fairly, accurately, but cautiously, Robin and Jenifer broke the silence that many national reporters have maintained for years in their refusal to cover this issue which affects every child, every family, and every community in America.

Thank you, Jenifer, for your very well-written article in the Boston Globe.  Thank you, Robin, for taking it national.

Heather Steele, CEO

The Innocent Justice Foundation

Aug, 01, 2012