340 years in Prison for AZ Man

340 years in Prison for AZ Man

45-year-old David Greenberg of Flagstaff, AZ was sentenced yesterday to 340 years in prison for surreptitious videotaping and extensive downloading of what police called “graphic, gut-wrenching, stomach-turning content” of children being sexually abused.

Greenburg, a former science researcher and doctoral student at Northern Arizona University, was arrested trespassing at a home. Investigators suspected from his statements that he was a predator. Police reported they found so much pornography that they decided to not look at most of it because it would take a detective one year of full-time work to review it all.

Before sentencing, Greenburg told the court that he never really threatened anyone because he never touched any of the victims. The prosecutor responded that each time a person views an image or video of a child being abused, that child is victimized again.

Greenburg’s sentence was the normal one prescribed by Arizona state law.

May, 24, 2013