A Few Predators in San Diego

A Few Predators in San Diego

This morning I woke up to a certain news program on my radio, and was happy to hear coverage of great work of Homeland Security in conjunction with ICAC task forces on Operation Sunflower.  Over 245 suspects in over 20 states have been arrested on charges of child pornography possession, distribution and production. (Go Homeland Security!)

The voice floating out of the radio expressed shock and surprise that a few of the suspects were even in San Diego!  Yes, it’s true, several of those 245 arrests occurred in San Diego, where a pilot and teacher were arrested, among others.  We appreciate the work of all the federal, local and state agencies who work together in ICAC units to take these predators off the streets.

But for all the herculean efforts our ICAC unit, local, state and federal agencies make, the few arrested were just the tip of the iceberg.  Since there are over 624,000 traders of child sexual abuse and torture images in the US, and we divide those 624,000 by the 61 ICAC task forces, statistically, an ICAC task force is confronted by over 10,000 offenders in its area.  Because of the population density in San Diego, the number of predators may even be higher here.

Since child sex predators invade every demographic, sociographic, economic, and racial strata in society, there is no place in the world which is not infested by their presence.

So let’s support our ICAC task forces in getting those few….hundred thousand… of them.


Jan, 04, 2013