Actress, TIJF Supporter, Lands New Role

Actress, TIJF Supporter, Lands New Role

The Innocent Justice Foundation (TIJF) congratulates actress and long-time TIJF supporter Jen Lilley on her new daytime television role!

This month, Jen joins NBC TVs Days of Our Lives. When she told Innocent Justice that she would be joining the cast, she couldn’t say much about the character she plays other than that she has a connection to someone living in the fictional town of Salem, where all the action takes place.

Lilley’s charity work focuses on organizations that protect children against physical and sexual abuse. She found Innocent Justice when researching charities to support.

I was overwhelmed to discover the staggering number of images of graphic child sexual abuse available on the Internet, Lilley said. When I learned that the United States is the number one producer and consumer of child pornography, my heart broke, and I knew I had to take action. The brutality of the images is beyond disturbing. These are children. They’re babies. They deserve their innocence.

Lilley said she was convinced she needed to support Innocent Justice when she learned that 83% of the people who possess child pornography admit to sexually abusing multiple children themselves! This has to stop, and I believe Innocent Justice is the charity to make that happen.

What sets Innocent Justice apart from other anti-child pornography organizations is that IJ works with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces that proactively investigate and prosecute individuals who produce and share images of child sexual abuse on the Internet. There are 61 ICAC’s throughout the U.S.; Innocent Justice provides mental health training to prevent burnout among investigators and secures equipment that local law enforcement agencies need to pursue child pornographers.

I was relieved to see that Innocent Justice is so committed to supporting law enforcement efforts to end child sexual abuse by shutting down these sites and arresting the people involved, Lilley said.

Lilley said she believes that with all of the advancements in technology, there is no excuse not to wholeheartedly pursue, arrest, and prosecute these criminals.

The only problem slowing down the efforts is lack of funding. That’s why I donate to Innocent Justice. They gather funds to provide law enforcement with the necessary equipment to track down these criminals and rescue children from the most brutal sexual abuse, she said.

Lilley donates 100% of the proceeds from her fan club membership to Innocent Justice. More than 96% of revenue the organization receives from donations goes directly to programs and services.

That’s really important to me in supporting a charity, that they use the money for the cause. It’s why when people join my fan club, I can confidently donate 100% of the proceeds to Innocent Justice.

Even though her new role will keep her busy, the Roanoke, Virginia native has plans to become even more involved in supporting Innocent Justice.

Fans should sign up for my fan club and follow me on Twitter to see what Innocent Justice and I are planning for the future. I think they l want to be involved, Lilley said.

Jun, 12, 2013