Wisconsin ICAC Adds Member

Wisconsin ICAC Adds Member

The Innocent Justice Foundation welcomes the Price County Sheriff’s Department to the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

The Wisconsin ICAC was established in 2007 with just 20 law enforcement agency members. The addition of Price County Sheriff’s brings to just under 200 the number of local law enforcement agencies that are members of Wisconsin’s ICAC.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said the state’s ICAC arrested more than 130 suspects last year.

ICACs are networks of local law enforcement agencies working to identify and prosecute individuals who produce, share and download images of child sexual abuse on the Internet. Innocent Justice supports the work of the ICACs with training and by helping to locate equipment and other resources needed in the fight against the sexual abuse of children.

Jun, 17, 2013