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Child Pornography Facts

A study funded by Congress shows 99% of child pornography collections have images showing the sexual abuse of very young children. Less than 1% of child pornography collections limit themselves to nude or semi-nude photos, according to the study conducted in 2001:

  • 83% contain images of children 6-12 years old,
  • 39% had images of children 3-5 years old,
  • 19% had images of children younger than 3.

The vast majority of child pornography collections show children being brutally sexually assaulted:

  • 80% of collections seized had photos showing sexual penetration, and
  • 21% of collections showed images of physical assault and torture.

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The United States is the #1 producer and consumer of child pornography in the world and American kids are the main victims:

  • 55% of child pornography is produced in the US,
  • Only 23% is produced in Russia.

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Lax Internet Service Provider (ISP) laws in the US allow for the vast majority of child pornography to reside in the US:

  • 62% of child pornography is hosted on US servers.

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The vast majority of incarcerated child pornography possessors admit to having child sexual abuse victims, according to a 2006 study in Butner Federal Prison, North Carolina’s sex offender treatment program:

  • 85% of child pornography possessors admit to having child sexual abuse victims,
    • 13.5 victims on average,
  • 13% deny having victims, but failed a polygraph on the question,
  • 2% admitted no victims and pass the polygraph, but admit if the opportunity existed, they would have offended.

A 2000 study in the same sex offender treatment program showed:

  • 80% of child pornography posessors admitted to having child sexual abuse victims,
    • o 30.5 victims on average.

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624,000 child pornography traders have been identified in the US by law enforcement.

Law Enforcement only been allocated enough resources in government budgets to go after 1% of those 624,000 offenders.

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There is little hope for a cure admits a report by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation:

  • 63% of members admit there is “little hope for a cure,”
  • 88% of members “fear recidivism after treatment.”

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“Following the trail back through the internet to interdict these criminals is the single best way we have of rescuing otherwise unidentified children and preventing future sexual assault.”- Wyoming Internet Crimes Against Children task force Commander Flint Waters in 2007 testimony to Congress View/Download our educational video

By our calculations less than 1% of child molesters are convicted through traditional child reports, arrest and prosecution:

  • Only 5-8% of children ever report abuse, according to a 2006 meta-analysis entitled “How do Sexually Abused Children Disclose? Towards an Evidence-Based Approach to Practice”. Read.
  • Only 29% of reports of child sexual assault lead to arrest. Access the DOJ statistics.
  • Few arrests lead to prosecution because children don’t make credible witnesses, may be too terrified to testify, or may be pre-verbal. (anecdotal reports)

Child pornography investigations, however, can bypass the broken system and promise high conviction rates:

  • No child must come forward,
  • No child must confront an adult in court,
  • Child pornography possession is a federal felony and a serious felony in most states,
  • 93-95% of child pornography prosecutions lead to conviction or guilty pleas. Read the government-funded study.