What You Can Do to Stop It

What You Can Do to Stop It

Child Pornography: America’s Greatest Shame – The Secret Violence Affecting Children Nationwide and What You Can Do to Stop It

#1 – If you find child pornography, report it.

Studies show that there is a one-to-one correlation between viewing child pornography and being a child molester.  If you find child pornography on a friend or family member’s computer, cellphone, iPod, or Xbox, any child that comes in contact with that person is at serious risk.  Your life may be at risk.  Do not confront your friend or family member.  Instead, CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY and ensure your own and your child’s safety.  Ask the police to page your local Internet Crimes Against Children task force members.  If you wait to confront your loved one, there will be a strong chance he or she will manipulate you into silence, and destroy the evidence.  Your child may be too ashamed to admit that they are being abused by your loved one.  You, as the adult, must make the correct choice.  Reporting this serious felony is a moral and legal obligation, and the only way to ensure the safety of yourself and your children.

#2 – Understand that child pornography is really crime scene photos of children being sexually abused, mostly American children.

Calling these child sexual abuse images “child porn” or “kiddie porn” minimizes the brutal truth of the reality that 99% of image collections seized have images of children as young as babies in diapers being raped or tortured.  In 1982 the US Supreme Court ruled that child pornography has no redeeming value to society and is not protected by the First Amendment.  Arguing child sexual abuse image possession is a minimal offense helps hundreds of thousands of child molesters nationwide continue raping children in our schools, religious houses, and homes.  This is no free speech issue, these are American children being heinously abused, who need our help to be rescued from unspeakable harm.

#3 – Support your local law enforcement agency get the tools it needs to take child pornography offenders off your local streets

Nearly 625,000 child pornography traders have been identified nationwide, however, only 61 Internet Crimes Against Children task forces have been allocated minimal funding to take them off the streets.  That means that there are close to 11,000 offenders per team.  Most ICAC teams can arrest 50-100 perpetrators per year.  Arresting all of these child molesters they currently have located would take them 100-200 years.  We need your help to get them the tools they need to do their jobs and the local, state and federal funding to make our neighborhoods safe again for our children.

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