Success Stories

Connecticut Funders Aid New Britain Police Department a Third Time

January 2012 - The third time really is a charm! The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. stands firm against child sexual abuse, and they have proven their commitment yet again by helping to fund New Britain Police Department's forensic lab. New Britain is small agency, with ultra-dedicated and experienced detectives who have a long and distinguished track record of taking the worst predators in Hartford County off the streets. ... Details >

Taking it to a Higher Level

November 2011 - The Fresno Regional Foundation believes that Central California children deserve a childhood without sexual abuse. That's why they have not only funded equipment to agencies throughout the Central Valley, but they also have funded an initiative to boost the law enforcement agencies conducting child pornography investigations. With a $12,771 gift, Innocent Justice is taking the message... Details >

Cell Phone Forensics Funded by Fansler Foundation

October 2011 - Predators get away with a lot - but in Central California the net is getting tighter. Thanks to a donation by Fansler Foundation, Merced Police Department has an extra tool to stop child sexual abuse in its neighborhood.... Details >

Fresno Regional Foundation Funds Mobile Forensic Units

A July 2011 Fresno Regional Foundation donation helps rural areas in Central California catch child predators and rescue children.... Details >

Green Bay Packers Strong Supporters of Northern Wisconsin Police

March, 2011 For the second time, the Green Bay Packer Foundation has donated funds to support Door County Sheriff's detectives in their work of tracking and arresting child predators in Northeastern Wisconsin. With budgets in severe crises in small towns all across America, the Green Bay Packers Foundation realizes the huge winning payoff ... Details >

New Britain Receives Sophisticated Equipment

January, 2011 As a result of $10,000 in donations from the Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. and an additional funder in Connecticut, Innocent Justice will now be able to purchase new, sophisticated predator-tracking equipment that help the New Britain Police Department find child sex predators and rescue their helpless victims. From the officers ... Details >

Pelco Funds Cell Phone Device for Clovis Police Department

December, 2010 Pelco is a strong supporter of their community of Clovis, California, and they have made a huge investment in child safety there by funding a Cellebrite cell phone forensic device for their law enforcement agency. Now Clovis PD officers ... Details >

Hartford Police Department Gets Cell Phone Analysis Device

October, 2010 Thanks to two generous donors in the Hartford area, Innocent Justice has just purchase a Cellebrite cell phone analysis device for Hartford Police Department. Cellebrite units are used to review cell phones for incriminating images, emails, texts, and movies, and help catch criminals... Details >

Fresno Regional Foundation Comes Through AGAIN!

The Fresno Regional Foundation, in recognition of the great need of law enforcement in the Fresno Region, has generously donated $9,600 for the needs of the California State Parole Sex Offender Unit in Fresno this Summer 2010. Although tasked to check registered sex offender computers for child sexual abuse and torture images, parole officers are not provided the equipment needed to perform their duties. The Fresno Regional Foundation has made it possible for three officers to have the tools they need to do their jobs and keep Fresno communities safe.... Details >

Kansas Donor Helps Make Training Lab Possible

July, 2010 A generous Kansas donor has made a training lab for the Kansas Internet Crimes Against Children task force possible. The Kansas ICAC was in desperate need of laptop computers, software, and cases to protect the laptops for a traveling computer lab which would help investigators all over the state, even in small rural townships, get the training they need to pursue technology-facilitated sex crimes against children. ... Details >

Ft. Walton Beach Request Answered in Big Way!!

When Ft. Walton Beach's request was only partially fulfilled, and their need for a cell phone forensic device was still critical, the people at Teel Technology stepped in to make their request happen. Teel Technologies has provided Ft. Walton Beach Police Department with a SecureView Data Pilot Cell Phone Forensic Tool at a significant discount. ... Details >

Green Bay Packers Foundation Supports TIJF for Door County Sheriff's Office

On Monday, February 22, 2010, the Green Bay Packers Foundation honored the Door County Sheriff's Office and their officers investigating child sex abuse in Northeastern Wisconsin by donating $5,000 to the Innocent Justice Foundation for the purchase of much-needed forensic equipment to take child predators off the streets locally. The Green Bay Packers Foundation has awarded $176,534 to 62 civic and charitable groups throughout the state of Wisconsin in its annual distribution of grants... Details >

New Britain, CT Police Department Gets a Helping Hand

New Britain Police Department has been working Internet Crimes Against Children for over ten years. Despite the fact that they had built up a formidable arsenal of forensic tools over the years by creatively seeking out funding, the team was in desperate need of cell phone forensic device upgrades with no funding source in site. That's when the Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. (for children and women at risk) and the J. Walton Bissell Foundation, Inc. came forward... Details >

Fresno Regional Foundation Aids TIJF to Help Tulare Police Department

The Tulare Police Department in California is enjoying a bounty of goodwill and support from its community as the Fresno Regional Foundation has also pledged to fund a Mac computer to be used for forensic computer analysis in child sexual abuse image crimes locally. The Fresno Regional Foundation's enthusiasm and commitment to help local children is enormous - their passion for the cause of helping Tulare police rescue children... Details >

Joe Busam Foundation Steps Up for TIJF Support of Upper Arlington, Ohio Police

The Joe Busam Foundation has generously donated $1,373 for the work of the Upper Arlington Police Department in rescuing children from sexual abuse and taking child molesters off the streets. The funds will go to the purchase of a forensic duplication device which allows forensic lab analysts to quickly make a copy of a... Details >

Fansler Foundation Gives Innocent Justice Funds for Cell Phone Tool for Tulare

The Fansler Foundation in Fresno, California has generously pledged to cover the cost of a new Cellebrite UFED cell phone forensic device for the Tulare Police Department Crimes Against Children investigative team. This pledge of $6,657 ... Details >

Santa Cruz Police Department Gets Tools to Help Rescue Kids from Child Predators

The Nicholson Family Foundation and the Santa Cruz Memorial have donated close to $2,000 to help rescue Santa Cruz children from child predators and prevent future child abuse. The funds will go to purchase software to be used by the Santa Cruz Police Department to actively track down predators... Details >

Western Michigan Internet Crimes Against Children task force

The western Michigan ICAC is based in Grand Rapids and is responsible for 12 counties in western Michigan and over 1.6 million people. In order to reduce a 2-year forensic wait time, the team has devised an innovate program of training officers in each county to do fast forensics on-site at search warrants using mobile forensic units.... Details >

Pfizer In-kind Donation for the entire state of Michigan

When the Pfizer plant in Ann Arbor, Michigan went out of operation, Pfizer generously donated 24 desktops, 4 laptops and 4 servers to the Michigan Internet Crimes Against Children task force.... Details >

Eastern Michigan Internet Crimes Against Children task force

The eastern Michigan ICAC is based in Livonia and is responsible for 12 counties in eastern Michigan and 5 million people. A forensic supercomputer purchased in 2004 had become obsolete and the team was in desperate need of a new one and other forensic lab equipment.... Details >