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Task Force Topics Sponsorship

Beth Medina, CEO of the Innocent Justice Foundation interviews Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Commanders on Facebook Live at 10am on the second Monday of every month, supporting education and outreach about important topics that parents, guardians and community members need to know to help keep children safe on the internet. The Facebook Live Videos are then posted to Facebook, and to the TIJF website under safety resources. Sponsors will be announced during the interview, and logos may be provided for the TIJF Website. More than one agency/organization may sponsor a Task Force Topics interview during any given month.

HART – Helping Heroes Rebound from Trauma

This sponsorship provides a HART mental health and wellness training to help mitigate vicarious trauma for professionals in law enforcement, social services, fire and rescue, and other professions in victim services that may be at risk for exposure to vicarious trauma. (Due to COVID restrictions, these trainings may be offered online.) Sponsor logos are posted on the TIJF website, and all sponsors are thanked formally and through our social media pages. We may have specific agencies requesting sponsorships, so in some circumstances a sponsor may choose the recipients of training.


Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Team Members come together for special operations designed to focus on back -logged cyber tips. These events happen four to twelve times a year in different locations of the country, usually over a weekend. The Innocent Justice Foundation provides the SHIFT program to attendees and sets up a special room for decompression and discussion, to mitigate vicarious trauma and the damage the exposure to child exploitation materials can have on law enforcement and affiliated professionals at these events. These back logged cyber tips can include 1,000,000 images for investigators to view over the three-day event. Sponsor logos are posted on the TIJF website, printed materials for the events, and all sponsors are thanked formally and through our social media pages. Sponsors have the deep satisfaction of directly being involved in saving children and putting predators behind bars.

Remote Tools Development Sponsorship

The Innocent Justice Foundation wants to develop remote/virtual tools that Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Teams across the country would have access to, during times of increased levels of exposure to child exploitation materials. These could be used for MASSCAT events during COVID19, allowing individual law enforcement members to get support when we are not physically available to deliver programs in person, and they are not physically working in groups. Your sponsorship would be acknowledged in the virtual materials where appropriate, as well as in our social media and website.


Our programs are here to help, because losing any professional to burn-out, severe depression, substance abuse or suicide is unnecessary, tragic, and preventable.
This is why we do what we do.