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Task Force Topics - TIJF Facebook Live Recordings

Beth Medina, CEO of the Innocent Justice Foundation interviews Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Commanders on Facebook Live at 10am on the second Monday of every month, supporting education and outreach about important topics that parents, guardians and community members need to know to help keep children safe on the internet. Below are link to the recordings of these discussions. If you would like to watch one live, join us on our Facebook page HERE.

Project Safe Childhood

What is happening now on the internet that can endanger children.

Keeping Children Safe

Interview with two Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Commanders about keeping children safe from predators on the internet.


When kids post things on the internet that can be used against them, and what parents and guardians need to know.

Self-Production II

We continue the discussion about how self-produced exploitative materials can have many consequences and what parents need to know.

Back to School Safety

Things to think about as the new school year begins.


Cover the topic of grooming and how predators cultivate trust with children online.

Grooming II

We continue the discussion, covering how predators cultivate trust with children online and at home. What do you do if you think it is happening to your child? 

Vicarious Trauma

Heroes in helping roles often pay an emotional cost for their service. Learn how exposure to child exploitation materials, traumatic events, and even victim stories can affect law enforcement and other professionals.

Stories of Success

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Commanders discuss recovering and rescuing kids, and how certain experiences have impacted their sense of mission.


Human trafficking and what you should know about this serious problem in the United States.

The Dark Web

What is it? What do we need to know about it to keep children safe? 

Red Flags

What re the red flags you can look for to help a child being exploited and abused?


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